Hudson Brother Trailers manufactures two different series of trailers, both series has been designed with different target markets in mind. Listed below is information on both series that will help you determine which one works best for your needs.

PRO SERIES  (View Full Line)

After 35 + years of manufacturing, our Pro Series line represents our premium product line that has built a solid reputation for itself of quality and durability. The Pro Series line of equipment trailers features standard items such as Dexter Axles, Radial Tires (except on 4 tons), Adj. Couplers on most models, tool trays where applicable, wide variety of options, and 100% compliance to all federal regulations. Our Pro Series line goes beyond industry standards to ensure that the end user has a premium/proven product at a fair price. The Pro Series represents our FULL line of equipment trailers and it is the series that customers are familiar with. The Pro Series is 100% compliant to all federal regulations and is covered under a one-year warranty.


Our Advantage Series has recently been developed based on dealer request who want to provide customers a high quality HUDSON trailer at a lower competitive price. These models are designed to compete with the many non-compliant units (ours are still 100% compliant) that are available in today’s market. While the Hudson Advantage Series is a limited line of trailers with limited options, it was designed around popular industry widths, lengths, and features. These models feature the same quality manufacturing as our Pro Series but have some differences such as Al-Ko Kober axles, bias tires (except for radial on 7 tons), jack styles, and some minor frame changes. Just like the Pro Series, the Advantage Series still offers the end user a very reliable trailer just without a lot of the frills and upgrades that are standard on the Pro Series. The Advantage Series is also 100% compliant to all federal regulations and offers the same one-year warranty protection as our Pro Series line.

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